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Mya gets around. So had Tupac. There's also a machine designed to back that up. Two weeks later, Williams revealed to viewers that she was living in a sober house to confront her alcoholism. Their nuptials are coming to an end. Publicists go to great lengths to mastermind their artists' appearances—and who those appearances are with—in gossip mags.

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England, London.

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Mya gets around. So, in honor of Mr. So when artists like Eminem and Jay-Z—and even so-called socially conscious rappers like Common—throw out insults like "fag" and "bitch," it's the ultimate threat to a man's masculinity. To get admitted into the "clique," as Dean describes it, a brother is carefully vetted, then interviewed by a person who will become his "sponsor," meaning he'll take the fall if that person screws up or goes to the press.

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