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Before October I had been on terms of close friendship with King Edward, and, though I had seldom met her save with the King, I had known Mrs Simpson for some considerable time and liked her well. There were only 16 guests. Once they saw how serious he was about her, and how happy she made him, they would soften. The audience was not acrimonious, but polite, sad and even affectionate, I am told. She received a radiogram from him fondly wishing her good-bye and a safe journey. Wikiquote has quotations related to:

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They were often irritatingly unconventional.

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The Warfields were well off and well bred, but when Wallis was seven months old, her father, Teackle, died of tuberculosis. It was supremely elegant, high-necked with long fitted sleeves, and bias-cut from clingy silk crepe so that it showed every angle of her impeccably slim body. He wanted Edward to stay on the throne. One sometimes felt that the God in whom he believed was a God who dealt him trumps all the time and put no inhibition on his main desires.

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Thereafter the Duke always felt he had let Wallis down, having failed to secure her a crown or even a royal title in an act of some official pettiness, only he was allowed to be HRH.

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