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Thus, when I moved to Murray for college, I wanted to find people who were also Queer so I could express myself in such a way without any hints of fear. For example, if an officer pulls someone over for having a tail light out, the officer finds the person appears to be a cisgender male identity conforming with typical social ideas of one's biological sex but when handing over the drivers license presents a photo that appears to be female, with a female name and female gender marker. Overall Murray State should become the home of the student and I strive to create safe spaces, enjoyment, and educational experiences on this campus so all can feel at ease. Once I graduated and started college, I made up my mind to do my best to make life a little easier for the community in any way that I possibly could. I felt happy just being me and never wanted to change that.

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The group meets every other week while school is in session.

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LGBTQA Student Organizations

On the Road in Murray, Kentucky: When it comes to mistrust and misunderstandings with regards to policing, Parson said awareness has changed moreso than policing and public perception. Past examples include Safe Zone trainings, class presentations, mapping single-occupancy restrooms on campus, and alumni outreach. Pages Liked by This Page. Topics involved broaching the subject of asking someone how to address them, if they prefer 'sir' or 'ma'am. People 40 years ago may have never known an openly gay person but probably know someone now. Ambassadors take on leadership opportunities, either with the office or by their own design.

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Gaypril has been my favorite project as it provided a mixture of social, support, and activism for LBGTQ students. I had always been a very depressed and feminine kid, but around this time my mom and sister took a trip and I was helping pack their luggage. He said this could be a moment of discomfort or fear for an officer who may be wondering 'is this person really the person I think they are? Are they trying to deceive me? I also participated in an evening conversation where I had the opportunity to share some of the important steps President Obama and his Administration have taken over the last few years to ensure equality, dignity, and justice for LGBT people. Louisville, KY I've been out as gay since my senior year in High School and was fortunate enough to have an accepting and supportive family and a ton of support with my friends at school. For instance, if society determines they don't want police officers to pull people over for broken tail lights because it too often results in people of a certain race, religion, gender or sexual orientation then that should be assessed and likewise any consequences of changing that law, for instance if it's determined that broken tail lights X percentage of the time that person doesn't have a drivers license or are wanted or illicit drugs or a gun.

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