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On the television screen, a man was sinking a dildo into another man. Even if you never ever use a sling, these rooms are much more centrally located, so there is considerably more walk past traffic. I sure didn't expect it to be showing Little Bo Peep. One guy seemed like he was nice at first and telling us about people there have respect and so on. Occasionally you walk by a room and see someone on their stomach, bare ass facing you, waiting. The other one, Steamworks, on Summit Drive is a palace compared to this Dump.

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Steam room lacked steam in a bad way and didn't fill up the room.

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Are You Looking to Buy a Gay Bathhouse? Club Z's Building Is for Sale

This place has the gritty and dirty feel, which is a attraction for some. This is a story of many kinds of death, and of misery's association with a building whose past is a tangled mess of war, disease, drugs, wrecked loves, and real estate. Club Z fills a need, but I'm not so sure if it fits any of mine. HarleyDaddy Over a year ago. There were some creepy old men, but there were also some hot young guys too. A large diaper pad was spread out on the bed below Carl. Actually, his piece seemed to help the business.

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I should have realized what was in store right from the start. Creepy in that the bathroom is kept mostly clean, and the nasty smell seems to live in the hallway. I thought adding a steam room would be a good move but it really doesn't make up for everything else. I went there on a twink night thursdays. One guy was laying on a swing which we didn't mind him, till some people noticed us doing stuff that everyone was trying to join in and that was a total turn off and I had to tell them no and what not. The whole time, I've only messed around with a couple guys there and they were both young and h-o-t but they were the exception. Lots of different types go here and since I like variety I can always find someone to play with.