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Bob Kohler used to talk to the homeless youth in Sheridan Square, and said, "When people talk about Judy Garland's death having anything much to do with the riot, that makes me crazy. At least you proved his point. Incampaigning for re-election — and for the votes of church members — Mugabe had specifically appealed to pastors to stand with him in condemning homosexuality. Paper protections must be made understandable and accessible even to the most disempowered populations. From my questions, I do not mean to infer a position on the genetic viability of homosexuality. Democrats attract much greater support from blacks than do the Republicans. This page was last edited on 11 Juneat

Girls and boys and men and women who fail to adhere to rigid norms dictating how they must walk, talk, dress, and act, find a name waiting for them, an interpretation ready for their idiosyncrasies, and an identity poised to be imposed — one they may or may not wish to claim.

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And human rights organizations, and civil society agents in general, had been stigmatized as being agents of a foreign agenda. But of all the enemies the Religious Right loves to hate, they reserve their most poisonous invective for gays and lesbians. Don't forget, to a very large degree, the people they are speaking to are in the rural areas, are not illiterate but peasant folk that they are talking to about these things, and making it seem as though all these whites from all over the world are coming here to Namibia to turn black Namibians into gays and lesbians It made me want to leave the country.

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Western donors and embassies in Zambia, as in much of Africa, had shifted their priorities since the s away from funding government projects toward promoting non-governmental organizations.