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I honestly see no reason to go injectable, though, if you can take it sublingually as indicated, and not swallow most of it. Here is something that I found:. Would my doctor prescribe what I want to change?! I've heard progesterone helps with this like T does, but without most of the nasty effects of T. I guess I can't win.

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The problem with my data is that I can not say for sure if the addition of progesterone helped or if prolonged estrogen would have done it alone.

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Progesterone therapy for Trans* Women: What We Know

For them this is the cure for better breast development! I did not read it yet, but turn to page 65, knowing this is Hormone Replacement Therapy Nr. Howeverwe do have tons of anecdotal data that indicates that it can help in many circumstances. My doctor told me that he doesn't prescribe it but he also said that about Finasteride as well and after I showed him some data on it he prescribed it. I can only provide anecdotal info.

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We lack conclusive data, so far as I knowthat scientifically demonstrates a link between progesterone and MtF breast development. However, progesterone does have other roles in the body. I have seen more so in the way of shorts and pants and leggings. Yes, so you can make a mess of it and a doctor getting crazy of you too. It is the only form that is chemically identical to progesterone.

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