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It was not unusual to see a hardon in the steam room if you were alone in there with one or two guys. Didn't matter, lots of hot gay action. What gave it away? A look around the room showed a great majority of the guys tenting and I'm pretty sure there were a few big O's even. It just grew and grew, I really believe it was at least 12 inches! Of course, this was during the Viet Nam era and they needed everybody they could get. I now make it a point to not get involved with other military guys for various reasons.

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Sucked cock in the steam room and at the glory hole.

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I'm a pretty big guy, always have been, and ever since I started sprouting pubic hair both guys n girls have gone for my dick. He even looks like sex. This was back in the 70s and 80s. He was sad because he could have followed his heart and not what people might have thought about them. Definitely some of the best if not the best lovin' I've ever had. But I never used one. Out of boredom and wanting extra money to buy a carI took a part-time job working evenings and weekends at the base library.

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Also, with the 6 month tours that some of these boats go out on it looks like the Navy brass had to take masturbation in consideration when living spaces were designed. He never moaned or made any hip thrusts. So, I guess it is true that the military is mostly made up of Danielle Steel fans and straight men. A week or so later we also had a circle jerk to raise money for another kid who was broke and really needed to call home. It's just not something that you think of pertaining to service men - at least I didn't.

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