Negative social impact of legislation allowing gay couples to marry

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The latest Gallup data, from an Oct. The magnitude of the overall effects, which corresponded to small and medium effect sizes, 30 were particularly striking given that policy-level changes are likely to be more distal determinants of health. Analyses for the primary study aims proceeded in 2 steps. Gay marriage is clearly a divisive issue in the United States, with passionate proponents on both sides. Participants were patients from a large, community-based health clinic in Massachusetts that focuses on serving sexual minorities. However, because rural sexual minority men confront additional stressors that are less common in urban environments, 38 the legalization of same-sex marriage may have a greater effect on their health, suggesting that our results could be interpreted as conservative estimates.

The Supreme Court could simplify this interstate problem by legalizing same-sex marriage or by asking all states to recognize these unions, even if they're not legal there, he added.

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The denial of equal marriage rights unfairly disadvantages children who are raised by same-sex couples residing in states where gay marriage is not legal or not recognized. Around the nation there are millions of children being raised in households led by same-sex couples, many of whom are denied the right to legally marry in their home state. In addition to the Massachusetts Supreme Court case, a gay marriage case is also being heard in Indiana, and a similar case was dismissed last week by a New Jersey Superior Court judge. Most popular on The Conversation Four signs you have high emotional intelligence Intermittent fasting:

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Nobody likes getting sick on vacation, but it can be especially dangerous for gay couples if they're traveling in a state that doesn't recognize same-sex marriage.