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Clacked by Katie Schenkel on Jun 23, Six months have passed since the beginning of the season? She finds Stefanwho tells her the student body has cleared out for Spring Break. He also fills her in on the new witch in town, Livwho set up the barrier. Stefan comes to at the train yard under the watchful eye of Caroline. She explains to Stefan that Sloan was going to fry his brain to kill the Doppelganger so she agreed to work with Enzo to take care of it.

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Elena asks to speak to Damon.

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Diary of a True Blood virgin – Bill Dauterive: gay vampire

Stefan darkly hints that Elena has no idea how bad it really is. He introduces himself and assures her he wants and end to the Ripper virus as much as anyone. Oh, and I guess some stuff happens to Sookie and Bill. Stefan responds by biting his wrist. He also fills her in on the new witch in town, Livwho set up the barrier. If this infection lasts they will really need to invest in a canteen. Damon tosses his phone on the floor, telling Matt it needs to be charged.

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She tells him to stay out of it and heads out, only to stop short when Enzo drops that he has the antidote. I also like Terry the war vet, just for being so sweet and sad. Well on this show they kind of are. Win passes to see Furious 7 first in Boston or Hartford. During their conversation, Jason asks why Eddie is pudgy when most vampires are all cut and handsome. She calls on her shitty Travelers to chant louder because this will apparently kill the paramedic long distance.

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