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You agree to receive occasional updates and special offers for The New York Times's products and services. Because C. Unlike Joshua Speed, Derickson was a prodigious father, marrying twice and siring ten children. The transformation of the wisecracking, melancholy country politico into the author of the Second Inaugural, the canny commander-in-chief, and the "Marse Linkum" beloved of the freed-people now seems not so much an enigma as a miracle born of a specific historical alchemy. Since Kinsey concluded that early maturing boys tended to become witty masturbators with lots of homosexual experience, Tripp concludes the same of Lincoln. It is flimsy, but then there is that matter of sharing the bed. For example, he says there was an underground travel agency that arranged for small groups of man-loving men to travel into the wilderness for nature appreciation and other earthy pleasures.

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He likened the criticism to early objections to Fawn Brodie's biography of Thomas Jefferson in which she claimed that Jefferson had children with his slave Sally Hemings; later genetic studies suggested that they had at least one child together.

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Derickson's story was in most ways a familiar tale of Lincoln's kindly intimacies, democratic manners, love of talk and company. Pence speech sparks Evangelical outrage. Surely there is no president whose sexuality we less want to think about. First, the shared bed is meaningless, most argue, since in the 19th century American frontiersmen often slept two and three to a bed for purely economic reasons.

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