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LGBT rights features. It begs more overreaching questions, such as: It's not like it's really going to restrict your breathing. In their earliest incarnation, Take That, five straight men from the north-west, were styled to catch the eyes of ritzy gay clubbers at La Cage in Manchester. I don't have to consistently and uniformly dress in a single color. Maybe this dude wouldn't be so concerned with keeping his blazer closed if he put a shirt on.

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In the preceding decades, perfumed dandies, dilly boys, mods, skins, clonesnew romantics, scalliesfierce vogueing divas and muscle Marys had all been sieved out of their natural habitat on to the high street for brief moments of mass consumption.

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This is nothing. In Britain, it's less of an issue - during interviews Alexander McQueen has been known to reveal all. But in the US, people working for the New York cloth trade are well aware that west of the liberal east-coast cities, there is a whole continent still awash with prejudice.

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Most of the men who dressed like that were straight.

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