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There must be a showing of A irreparable harm and B either 1 likelihood of success on the merits or 2 sufficiently serious questions going to the merits to make them a fair ground for litigation and a balance of hardships tipping decidedly toward the party requesting the preliminary relief. We were not just looking for places to be free, but to support our jumping off the cliff; we sought out other times in history and other cultures where homosexuality was honored and where gay people were seen as shamans. Follow us. Gay Bob with his creator, Harvey Rosenberg. This kinda leaves out Jim Hormel and Jim Duggins.

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The weekend before I met him, he and Lou Kief spent the day working on a cabin they were building in the far reaches of Sonoma County and that evening after dinner they split a Quaalude and were lying on their sleeping bags.

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By Matt Christensen. I was not raised by gay parents and no level of education told me about how gay men lived, so I had to figure out what it meant to be a gay man on my own. The last five years has seen a remarkable change in public attitudes about GLBTQ people but like coming out to our families, saying I am queer comes long before we say I take it in the ass.

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The photo is Michael A.

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