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Quite often, in sudden unconscious moments like an awakening, I realise that I am a member of the mystical body of Christ - something far bigger and greater than I can begin to comprehend, but nonetheless something in which I do not feel a stranger, but at home. He is a polyglot. Every faith believes in God personified, wether it be in form of Prophet, Son or body - they're all right, and we all have the ability to be Christ-like. Many gay children care for their aging parents whilst their siblings are busy raising their own offspring. I also heard that in the voices of those who have interviewed you on radio or in the documentaries. The call of the Quran is relevant today more than ever before when it calls all believers not Muslims alone to unite in inculcating the values shared by divinely revealed religions which cannot be monopolised.

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You need to be able to figure things out, to go to the end of a particular problem.

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As a baby, he cried nonstop and only repetitive motion soothed him. Foundation for Children Swedish: We talk about gene therapy and falling in love, Emily Dickinson and Dostoevsky.

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You are of this world; I am not of this world' John 8:

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