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In early NovemberAiken launched his second Christmas tour. At one point after he and Zach catch Hannah in a brief lie on the tapes he briefly even considers abandoning the tapes and going about things normally however he completely snaps in front of new foreign exchange students and shows his disgust at the people who treated Hannah like shit and the school itself for trying to remove responsibly from itself and vows that no matter what, the truth about Hannah's death and all those responsible will come out. But I think on that question, maybe I should have just said, 'Listen, everybody knows I'm gay. They're not good or evil. It's retro analogue bullshit. And sooner or later, the truth will come out.

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Clay become understandably jealous at one point, seeing Justin and his parents laughing while watching TV when he came home late. American Idol. CNN Jack Whitehall recently announced that he will play a role in the Disney film "Jungle Cruise," reportedly the first major openly gay character in a Disney movie.

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