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Look up sodomite in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Though sodomy has been used to refer to a range of homosexual and heterosexual " unnatural acts ", the term sodomite usually refers to a homosexual male even though the real meaning is of unreproductive sex. From the repressive times when homosexuality was considered a felony to the present variety of gender identities and queer subcultures, hundreds of expressions—puns, euphemisms, metaphors, word-coinage, and semantic shifts—have been used and are now listed in specific dictionaries, evidence of how LGBT people assert their distinctiveness and communicate in creative ways. Hays, but the word evidently was not popularly felt in this sense by wider society until the s at the earliest. Such claims, innuendoes and associations often are used to insinuate that LGBT people pose a threat to society, to families, and to children in particular.

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The word gay by the s had an overall tinge of promiscuity -- a gay house was a brothel.

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Adepts of the Scene the gay club circuit attend white partieswhere Amy-Johns after Amazonslipstick lesbians 35 stylishly dressed in a traditionally feminine wayand chapstick lesbians who do not wear make-up and are very much into sports 36 meet with leather dykes, tomboysand lemons lesbians. American Studies Journal. Gay as a noun meaning "a usually male homosexual" is attested from ; in Middle English it meant "excellent person, noble lady, gallant knight," also "something gay or bright; an ornament or badge" c. In "Sociology and Social Research" a paragraph on the "gay cat" phenomenon notes, "Homosexual practices are more common than rare in this group," and gey cat "homosexual boy" is attested in N.

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Lesbians, gay men and bisexuals are diverse in the ways they lead their lives.

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