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She had a boyfriend just last month! For example: Stress the point that, as God's beloved and as a son loved under your care, he is expected to conduct himself according to the standards of Christian sexual morality no matter what particular temptation or identity questions he may be going through. You may start to ask yourself: Trust me, I am SOOO proud of her for talking to me and so honoured that she would even share this with me. Make a sincere effort to connect with him at the heart level. Whats that about is he ashamed to let the church know.

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He has always been a perfect child in doing well at school and varsity, does not smoke or drink alcohol and has always get himself busy with sport, plays tennis at provincial level and is very aware of fitness and health.

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Keep moving forward. She said no, that she feels the same and what I said was what she expected. You are lucky.

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Perhaps he will do that with a partner.

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