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Everyone races upstairs, leaving Kelso behind after Hyde pushes him. May 29 This season also marked a major change in the series, as a new character was introduced to take Eric's place named Randy Pearson portrayed by new cast member Josh Meyers and the departure of Michael Kelsowho was portrayed by Ashton Kutcher. After Leo leaves an ambiguous note on Grooves' front door, a teenager named Randy Pearson new cast member Josh Meyers applies for a non-existing job. He was cute, if scrawny, in his shirtless scene in "Win a Date with Tad Hamilton. Cool move:

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List of American films of ; References.

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Go see the fucking movie which is still playing in theaters if you care so much, instead of bumping a six year old thread. Drag and drop boxes to rearrange! Instagram Profile: It was an immediate ratings success.

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Leo then hid them in a Barry White record that Fez bought at Grooves.

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