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Between bassist Tom Petersson and drummer Daxx Neilsen's concrete-slamming thump, guitar god Rick Neilsen's fleet fingers and Robin Zander's otherworldly bark, Cheap Trick remains as a rock 'n' roll band made for arenas. Search in titles only Search in Amps only Search. Is there any advice that you could give them? Originally Posted by draelyc None of you understand. A new song, "Oh Yeah," was unmemorable slop and I doubt if it will sound any better when the band's Music From Another Dimension hits stores in November.

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Many bands on the radio these days need to take quite a few pointers from these guys about how to "rock" in general.

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Were the guys in Cheap Trick gay?

Petersson came back for the comeback, Lap of Luxurybut the No. Hitting the stage in a white ensemble topped with a floppy hat and scarves aplenty, Tyler flopped and wiggled like a cracked-up D-list drag queen the day after a lingerie fire sale at Victoria's Secret. The group is right up there with Papas Fritas and Saturday Looks Good to Mebands whose members believe in pop music and love, and have the magic power to make the listener believe in them too. But why didn't they just setup another mic for the bass player, i always remember those 2 always singing out of the same mic. When he wasn't ripping brain-bending guitar solos or flinging guitar picks into the crowd, he was cracking wise with the good-natured smirk of a year-old caught with his hand in the cookie jar. What is it that you like best about leading the rock star life?

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Live at Budokan was never meant to be released in the U. Please do not post letters to the editor here. We did some shows with him. We had an impromptu jam session with Rick Neilson and the drummer from Cheap Trick in my fraternity house in college circa Second is the voice.

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