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Believers have affectionately or defiantly? How could Rowling have written those words and failed to notice what we noticed in them? Then Sirius is killed in battle, Lupin is undone with grief, and so ends Order of the Phoenix and the tragedy of Sirius and Lupin. I have exaggerated nothing: So it looks like his sexuality, famously outed by author J. Those of us who were growing up along with Harry were by then college age—old enough, in other words, to put away childish things—so when Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince unexpectedly paired off Lupin with a random woman, we were not only shattered but ashamed to be shattered.

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And that is a problem in itself.

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It will be clear Dumbledore is gay in new Fantastic Beasts film, says director

Albus and Scorpius become very close friends from the beginning of their first year at Hogwarts. Back in January, David Yates, director of the final four Harry Potter movies and the first Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie, may have hinted at this, but landed himself in hot water. Show 25 25 50 All. Despite their outlaw status Sirius is still a fugitive and poverty Lupin was fired from teaching after being outed as a werewolfthey begin to take on a quasi-parental role for the orphaned Harry. She could have sunk this ship in a sentence. Pop culture too often settles for stereotypes: My micro-generation—that is, the subset of millennials who were born in the second term of the Reagan administration and graduated face first into the Great Recession, and of which the most famous member is probably Mark Zuckerberg—has very little to brag about, so you can hardly blame us for our possessive attachment to Harry Potter.

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We were all so sure. When it was published, the script sent fans into a frenzy of discussion online. How could Rowling have written those words and failed to notice what we noticed in them? Show 25 25 50 All. Previous Next Hide Grid. You could be forgiven, though, for having blinked and missed the point in your own reading. As Dumbledore says at the time:

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