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For underwear that makes a big impression check out the C-IN2 line. I just prefer the guys on the right! You chose not to — which is fine, as it only affects you. Having said that, in these cases the models look better. Who the fuck has time for that, or wants to so severely limit their diet?

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In this social media world, regular, real, and amateur are terms, I have found, describe some really hot men.

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Here am I and all of you, after all. When it comes to gay men's underwear there are only two requirements--they have to look great and they have to make you look great. Normal is a subjective, culturally charged term. Again…the only people who would say the normal guys look better are those that want to feel validated. I find so much of this bit and its concept offensive and much of it has been addressed in the previous comments [some of which were as offensive as the article], but my primary objection is the main premise: Browse our catalog to see great styles--on some great-looking men!

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A lot of people like to claim having a good body is all genetics and that is true if your goal is to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in the s. That is a self confidence issue. Want to see more real guys in sexy undies? Real guys are super hot. No the regular guys do not look better than the models… not even close they look awkward a model is a cut above the average person… or else we would all be models… Hilarious.

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