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Official site for the film. You can't presume to know the author's intentions, you make yourself sound mentally unstable yo. Peter Weller finally escaped from the shadow of "RoboCop" with this film. The film was OK, it was pretty funny, but it's definitely not up there with the "greatest gay films on the planet". TLDR Self-hating gay bully projects hate to others in and one of those others almost kill themself--leading me 17 years later after much growth and love to be the first to say that kids telling other kids to kill themself should not be in a comedy article.

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The Los Angeles Times.

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He told me months later that he almost killed himself because of me. The actor's steely robostare has never been more compelling. Come one, come all--another Reddit mob mentality thoughtless downvote body slam of a guy that is standing up for youth and responding with appropriate protective wrath to keep youth from being taught that their being told they should kill themself "is funny". Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Our currently weekly threads are:. EDIT Downvoters, when I see so many like you that clearly don't have self respect, I don't wonder why our rights are taking so long.

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Here we have one of Cronenberg's most fully realized fantasies. However, I think this movie has a modicum of opportunity as a successful small-scale commercial release. I went into classrooms and said "Hey everyone, I went here and teach in the district I taught art classes until the spineless gay boss said I can't tell the younger ages I'm gay unless it "comes up"--I knew I'm gay in preschool so I could not stand for that. If you want a simple, pleasant film The bug assigns him the mission of killing Joan. Culture and "comedians" like those featured here made me like that.

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