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Desperate Housewives characters Fictional gay males Fictional American people of Dutch descent Fictional American people of Irish descent Fictional characters introduced in Mary Beth reveals to Bree that she knows Andrew is gay, but she is marrying him for his companionship, Bree tells her that she can do better with her life and she leaves. It was the first season. It is then insinuated that Bree has come to accept her son's sexuality and plans on handling the wedding. Bree continues to attend AA meetings and she runs into Andrew who is shopping with Justin at a check out corner. Orson is upset to hear that Andrew makes more money than him, Bree explains that he helped her a lot when Orson was in jail. He tells her that if she does not leave him alone, he will lie under oath and say that when he was younger, she used to molest him while drunk, Justin feels bad about what Andrew is doing to his mother.

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She hands him a backback filled with clothes and some money and says that she can no longer love him unconditionally and he can no longer live in her house, he says that at least it means he won, Bree, speechless, says "good for you".

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Officially Shawn Pyfrom Message Board. Andrew is angry with his mother as Mary Beth would have sorted out all of his financial problems. Van de Kamp's Old Fashioned Foods. I know how to tel if a guy is gay on spot?

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Andrew now has the "slip up" that he was waiting for.

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