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Registration of 27 political parties at risk. Most Shared January 30, Dispatches. Keeping our heritage alive. What's behind government social media surveillance? BNP not happy with the dialogue? Public caning has long been common for offences such as gambling and drinking in Aceh, but Wednesday's verdict was the first time the punishment has been handed down for gay sex since a sharia regulation came into force in banning the practice. Bangladesh a hot spot for global denim buyers.

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A drug war that goes haywire.

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Indonesia province to punish gay sex by caning

May 23, What the opposition alliance must offer. No one in Malaysia should be subjected to the inhumane and degrading punishment of caning, or any other punishment, for their consensual sexual behavior. Shaky phone footage of the raid that circulated online showed the vigilantes kicking, slapping and insulting the men, with one of them slumped naked on the ground during the attack. A friend, a fighter and a free spirit: Made in Bangladesh toys all over Europe and America. Keeping our heritage alive.

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Malaysia describes oral and anal sex as against the order of nature. NDTV Beeps - your daily newsletter. Grand Canyon battles uranium claims World. What Ayub Khan left behind. Children lost in the loop.

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