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Stan believes Sparky to be the toughest dog in South Park; but, when Sparky suddenly jumps on top of another male dog and begins humping him energetically, Cartman declares that Sparky is homosexual. She helped the president and federal teams harness the power of technology, data, and innovation to advance the future of the nation and the world. Few global companies are helmed by out and proud CEOs. Van Meter wrote, "What often keeps the show from being offensive is this kind of sweetness — and that it's funny". He has unequivocally solidified his fashion legacy, designing a range of beloved looks via his work at Yves Saint Laurent, Gucci, and his flourishing namesake label a sought-after, must-see attraction at New York Fashion Week. The groundbreaking series flourished during the Bush years, riffing on the rampant conservative policies of the day.

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Lowbrow and proud of it".

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Stan 's new dog Sparky follows the boys to the bus stop one morning. Ford Foundation president Darren Walker continues to lead the multi-billion dollar philanthropy outfit into a firmly progressive future. Toch noemt u zich ondanks uw homoseksualiteit nog steeds katholiek. As a result, everyone else bets all their money on the team, and they threaten Jimbo if the Cows lose. Laverne Cox A pioneering trans actor and activist, Laverne Cox remains one of the clearest and most consistent voices in the fight for trans rights. His sophomore album, Bloom, is a groundbreaking—and rabidly downloaded—compilation that puts gay sex in the mainstream. How Totalitarianism Reclaimed Russia, and she continues to spread her wisdom to younger generations as a visiting professor at Amherst College.

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Track them down and return them to Big Gay Al, to receive some new feline outfits as your reward. Last year, she published her 10th book, The Future Is History: This page was last edited on 12 Februaryat Last year, Greg Berlanti set a record for having 10 different live-action scripted television series planned to air on various networks and digital platforms. Nanette was as popular as it was polarizing, leaving Hannah Gadsby reluctant to follow through on her plans to quit comedy—and the thousands across the globe who have connected with her fiercely funny exploration of contemporary queer womanhood are hoping an encore or two are in the cards. She may have let her emotions get the best of her that night—if only for 30 seconds—but she remains one of the strongest voices in media, fighting for queer visibility with a keen knack for dissecting facts amid Trump fakery.

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