Transsexual facial cosmetic surgery

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A feminine nose is straight to mildly concave, with a smaller and slightly upturned tip. Getting Started Dr. Male-to-Female Patient. Our highly knowledgeable consultants are ready to deal with such issues as the possibility of insurance coverage and, when needed, payment plans. Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. Beck provides a discreet, informative consultation during which he will go over your personalized treatment plan in detail, providing a clear road map of what to expect moving forward.

transsexual facial cosmetic surgery
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Eyelid Surgery You may want to alter and enhance your eyes so they are more open, feminine, and inviting.

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Beck works with a world-class team of board certified nurses and techs, and a kind, friendly office support staff that will ensure your visit is relaxing and rewarding from start to finish. When your gender is aligned with your body, you may have a greater sense of well-being and confidence moving forward in life. Social Studies of Science. Jaw Reduction In facial feminization, jaw reduction may be a necessary procedure to create a softer, lovelier look.

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Facial Feminization Surgery:

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