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We have to make it OK. Roberts felt he should have spoken out. Roberts lived with Lowe and his wife Karen during his time in the UK. I do love acting when I get to work, and working at Virgin allows me to do acting work when it comes up. I've learnt that you have more than one career in your life. Only after talking to the NRL's welfare manager, Paul Heptonstall, about a range of programs and initiatives about addressing the issue of equality did he feel comfortable about participating. The Sydney Morning Herald.

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He was praised for helping to question prevailing myths about gays and sport.

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Ian Roberts to lead the NRL float at the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2017

The Rabbitohs sit at the peak of the south Sydney community and inat the age of 21, Roberts made his debut, stunning his friends and family with his adjustment to first grade football in the Winfield Cup. They drew from working class locales, were often poor and distrustful of outsiders. I have two twin boys and to me Ian is like another son. For the gay community, sexuality was a matter of life and death. Two years later Roberts tormented rugby league media and fans further by agreeing to a nude shoot in Blue, a new gay magazine, but did not definitively say he was gay. Retrieved 11 December Moments and events accumulate to create change and as the first gay contact sport player to come out during a career, Ian Roberts sits with sports diversity pioneers Jackie Robinson and Martina Navratilova.

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People say, 'What does rugby league have to do with that? In the following game Roberts was baited by Bulldogs players and openly vilified by fans, the thought of a gay player fuelling the passions of the wildest elements. It's only in recent years, though, that he's come to understand what it meant to come out in the early s. After a recent Labor meeting at a pub in Redfern he was approached by an old Aboriginal man, who said he liked him because he stuck by his mob. Roberts made a very brief cameo in the film Star Wars: Bearers of light who left an indelible mark by braving the jeers to be true to themselves.

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