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If you're not sure how you feel about your sexuality, there's no hurry to make your mind up or tell people. Sometimes penetration isn't even in the cards. Visit now. Sexual Health: Views Read View source View history.

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Truvada is also used as an HIV treatment along with other medications.

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MMWR Morb. Instead, social ostracism, legal discrimination, internalization of negative stereotypes, and limited support structures were regarded as indications of the issues faced by homosexuals in Western societies in the late 20th century, which often adversely affected their mental health. Health issues for gay men and men who have sex with men Understand important health issues for gay men and men who have sex with men — from sexually transmitted infections to depression — and get tips for taking charge of your health. Follow him on Twitter tomgvellner.

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Though not commonly classified as an STI, giardiasis can be transmitted between gay men, [52] and it can be responsible for severe weight loss and death for individuals who have compromised immune systems, especially HIV.

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