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You may be disappointed by the amount of gay sex going on in a gay bar. The building is a Communist-era power station transformed into a concrete cathedral of techno over two floors, with the Panorama Bar upstairs and Berghain below. Hanging out with some gay pals? Don't keep it to yourself We truly appreciate your support. Located under the housing development on the roundabout at Kottbusser Tor, the mixed crowd enjoy drinks and dancing night after night, as well as many one-off rock parties. So where to go, and what for?

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Thu - Fri:

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Nobody is going to want to make you feel like shit, but if you do start to become uncomfortable, either take it like a man or slink off back to your safe space — a glistening gastropub with space to park your Bugaboo or sticky-carpeted local where the beer is flat and the whole place smells like pancreatitis. In areas without a gay bar one of the community's more open minded establishments may hold a gay night. Or it may well look just like your local. Pretty much everyone in there will look the same as anyone you might see down your local.

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Karen Australian.

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