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How did the couple meet and start their family? But how does this strategy work with the kids? Greg, meanwhile, grew up mostly in Lawton, Oklahoma, a slightly larger town of over 96, people, situated about 45 minutes away from Altus. Nationwide, 29 states do not have laws that protect LGBT people on the basis of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Oklahoma and New Hampshire were the only failures. Adkins is finishing an anthropology degree at Marshall University.

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Gay couples welcomed at the altar but not at the office

After the Supreme Court declined last month to hear a series of cases on gay marriage, West Virginia became one of a dozen states along with AlaskaArizona, Idaho, Indiana, KansasNorth Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia and Wyoming that allow gay people to marry but at the same time fail to provide them with explicit protections against job and housing bias. View detailed profiles of: I was only thinking about my spouse. But minds are becoming more malleable. Must basically be like living in New Orleans during Southern Decadence, right?

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In Bloomsburg, a college town in central Pennsylvania, town council members are now considering such an ordinance. But for gay rights groups, it was only the latest step toward equal rights for LGBT people. Thomas Bogges Tulsa It's a choice. Simone began wearing dresses to the office and undergoing hormone replacement therapy. What he fails to understand is that his lifestyle is the problem, not his work ethic or standing in the community. Dismiss Attention The browser or device you are using is out of date.

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