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Now your son I hope that you realize that he is amazing and he is special. I made myself move because I knew it would force me to meet new people. As you would expect it was devastating His mother single parent has been wonderful she is a social worker, but me not good at all. His life from this point on will never be the same. By acceptance, we simply mean "acknowledging what is" or "acknowledging what is true. Two, just because a person is in a group that is discriminated against does not mean they cannot or will not lead a happy satsifying life. Prepare yourself for the worst:

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Moving to a bigger city has been the best thing for me.

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Sorry for ranting. Find a group or a hangout where you feel comfortable and where there will be other gay people to talk with. Riyadh's YouTube channel has amassed oversubscribers. I had a fairly long-term gay client who went on and on and on and on about how depressed, scared and anxious he was about this or that about being gay.

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Also in these situations, often my role has been to advocate for the 'child' in the situation, as that usually has been my primary involvement as the kid's therapistand the parents have been drawn into the process by my client.

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