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I am person-centered and will accompany you on your journey--facilitating your progress so that you can become your own counselor over time-- independent and capable of flourishing and developing sound judgment and inner peace. While Long Beach is the eighth largest city in California, it is the sixth-most populous metropolitan area in America. Yet you keep using the same ineffective strategies, because what else can you do? As a therapist I am trained in and specialize in feminist therapy, trauma therapy and therapy with adolescents and their families. The process of therapy is and should be tailored to each individual's life experience. I day dream a lot!

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Psychotherapy is not anything to be scared of, or intimidated about.

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Find a Therapist in Long Beach, California.

Yet you keep using the same ineffective strategies, because what else can you do? The valorous efforts you make to live a supposedly normal life and feel safe, can fail, making you feel abused time and again. A qualified and caring counselor Long Beach CA is an advocate for you as you work through the hurt and develop a plan for growth and change. My goal is to provide a safe and non-judgmental place where I can help my clients reach their full potential by processing feelings past and present issuesimproving communication, and exploring family issues that may be a barrier to success. After an assessment, we will have a clearer idea of core values, possible goals and many ideas on designing a flexible plan that is easy to understand and use to bring about the transformation desired. You are cordially invited to view my blog "Recipe for Happiness" at: If you feel like you are just surviving and "making it through", let's discuss how I can help.

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Begin the healing process of professional counseling Long Beach CA and reclaim your life and joy. I do short-term solutions-oriented therapy to help you think differently about yourself and your world and then develop skills to better deal with your issues from the past or to better deal with current areas of difficulty. Cognitive behavioral therapy is another choice you can find at counseling Long Beach CA. Decide now is the time to reach a full place of recovery. Remember that your mental health and happiness are important. Therapy is a collaborative process and a partnership with someone who is trained in and experienced with facilitating personal growth. Long Beach is still a good alternative to the higher prices of San Francisco with better weather, location, hillside neighborhoods, and the views.

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