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Aang restored Korra 's bending abilities. Zuko managed to push Combustion Man to miss his target twice. Reviews for the score were overwhelmingly positive. The Dragon Spirit advises him to let his emotions "flow like water". Additionally, he could command him to fly with a cry of "Yip-yip!

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Other elements, such as texturing, hair or scale simulation, and light and shadow complimentary to the live action, were added to make the final animation appear as real as possible during the later stages of character development.

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Episode 5. I'm disappointed. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Later, while the Avatar tried to persuade her to be his earthbending teacher, Toph, fearing her parent's wrath if they discovered her secret life as the Blind Bandit, declined the offer; however, after a dinner fiasco in front of her parents, she "[called] a truce" with Aang and agreed to that with him.

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Zuko found one of the fliers and realized the Avatar was within reach.

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