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Several performances, interviews, and a humorous jingle that was written in an hour, were filmed and edited into a special seven-day, looped broadcast on BBCi. Meet the Big Brother 21 Houseguests. O for occult themes, S for sex, D for drugs, V for violence, etc. Page The band had come into contact with drummer Randy "Real" Schragerwho was known from his work on the downtown New York scene, playing with bands such as Jessica Vale and The Act.

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With this song, however, he sounds like a year-old dad desperate for attention, which really doesn't sound like him at all.

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Absolutely typical of the era, but god damn if it really doesn't get it hooks in you. Brit Award for International Group. And to make thing even funnier, following song 'Tonight' has Paul Stanley written all over it.

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Twisted Sister.

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