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It's a lot to juggle. TV Guide: In person, he seemed just he does on TV, maybe even more so. Teens are entering a world now in which how a man becomes a man is much less clear. But isn't Celebrity Rehab just adding to that sense that rehab is a vacation, perhaps even a career-making break? Now that Dr. Most of what takes place on Celebrity Rehab happens in the parking lot of the Pasadena Recovery Center.

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But he's not her.

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But as I was interviewing regular people, I noticed they were confused about the cameras, the recording, just the whole process. I'm utterly endeared that it's just one girl, a phone twice the age of Justin Bieber, and a single screen that flashes "19 years old, from Texas, thinks he tore off his foreskin during sex. Asian Voices.

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It's a docudrama that serves dual purposes:

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