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Worryingly, the report added: Chemsex support is available in most sexual health clinics. Multiple men get together and take drugs before having sex, usually with multiple partners, and sometimes over a long period of time. But I know gay men who would consider three new partners a week modest. As with any illegal drug use, chemsex is risky because you are putting a range of substances into your body which can slow and speed your heartrate. It starts with a bunch of guys in their underwear getting high, and as they get more and more high, they lose their inhibitions.

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As disillusionment with the scene grows, we consider the toll drugs and sex are taking on gay nightlife.

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Archived from the original on September 21, The mood in the clubs was one of sexy fun, euphoria and an appreciation of music. It is also important not to generalise as Chemsex is a diverse and complex phenomenon and those engaged in the activity may not fit the typical profile of a person with a serious drug addiction. The Independent.

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